Simple affordable intelligent cloud-based AML software

Keep on top of your anti-money laundering obligations with this complete, cloud-based solution. Harness the power of intelligent algorithms and insight driven workflow to meet your regulatory requirements with ease.

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Our elegant solution provides insights at a glance. With you, in mind, we highlight items for your attention and ongoing due diligence, including:
  • Incomplete customer profiles and expired Identification
  • Required Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Transactions breaching your risk tolerance

KYC Reports

Our real-time Know Your Customer feature checks your clients’ identification and enhanced due diligence requests against national and international databases ensuring you know your customer. Offering peace of mind you can feel assured you:
  • Know your customer and their customer risk profile
  • Remain up-to-date with Identification Checks
  • Are managing Enhanced Due Diligence obligations

Enhanced DD

Our client enhanced due diligence feature enables you to dig a little.
  • Keep track of all your due diligence decisions
  • Assign levels of risk to clients so you can keep a closer eye on high-risk transactions

Transaction Monitoring

Our transaction monitoring engine gives you a complete picture of your customers' activities and transactions in one place
  • Simple transaction file import tool
  • Assess your customers' historical and current transactions
  • Create different rules to monitor transactions of interest

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